Sarah at work

I am Sarah Didion a watercolor illustrator and designer living in Jersey City. 


I have been in love with art since I’ve picked up my first crayon and scribbled on the wall. This creativity has led me to a career in fashion design and working as an illustrator creating non stop. When I’m not painting I’m thinking about my next project taking inspiration from the world around me. 


I started out with fashion illustration then transitioned into my other passions of cooking and home decor. My favorite medium to work with is watercolor. I love the flow and beauty it brings to my subjects. Even the most ordinary becomes extraordinary. You will see a lot of pattern in my work. I love patterns and tiles and mixing them with other subjects.  


With over 10 years experience in the fashion industry I have an intuitive ability to work with clients taking into consideration the target customer and current trends. I have a keen attention to detail and color as well as an advanced skill level in photoshop and illustrator.

For inquires about commissioned work please contact Sarah at didiondesign@gmail.com